Sleep Out

Once again, on April 27th, St. Joe’s students will respond to a problem in our society. 4.2 million teens will face homeless this year. In response to this issue, St. Joe’s students will sleep out for one night at the school, experiencing a little of what it is like to be homeless while also bringing awareness and raising money for Covenant House in their efforts to serve homeless youth.


This year, because of COVID-19, we will be switching to a virtual format. There will still be a great program to hear from Covenant House youth, from Green Knights who have slept out all 4 years, and from each other. Once the program is over, everyone can close the chromebook and head outside to their own backyard for the night. As part of the immersion, the students will still attend classes the next day since their peers on the streets must do the same, every day.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Joseph LoGuidice or Mr. John Asselta.


To learn more about Covenant House's work, please watch this video. Please read more about previous year's experience in the Guardian.